Going backwards to move forwards

You often have to take a step back before you can make a meaningful and measurable step forward. This is the case here at NOS with regard to our digital strategy. Before I’ve even begun plotting our upward digital curve it’s clear that we have to take a good look at the state of our foundations before we start building on top.

The website is the foundation stone of digital communications. Since www.nos.org.uk was launched back in 2008 the earth has moved, the digital world has turned and the cracks are now showing. There’s now a clear consensus here at NOS that we need a new website. Here’s why:

  • It is out of date in style and function (and a lot of content).
  • It does not fulfil our growing needs in terms of design, functionality and interactivity.
  • It’s costly to run – there are cheaper alternatives
  • Administration rights are limited, only our website editor can use the CMS
  • There is a general feeling of despondency because of the backlog of issues
  • The website is the platform on which we will need to grow our digital communications, so it needs to be as good as it can be

So, my digital strategy journey has a different starting point – which is a bit further away from the finishing line than I originally thought. Luckily stamina is something I’ve got buckets of. So onwards we go…  

If you are reading this and you have expertise in resolving software and IT issues around NetCommunity and Raisers Edge, or have a proven track record in helping medium sized charities create fantastic websites then I’ll be happy to hear from you.


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